Mobile CCTV Unit

Provide surveillance and support to your event with our mobile CCTV unit and event control Unit.

Fresh Security Solutions cuts no corners when it comes to keeping you and your events secure. That’s why we have a state of the art, fully equipped mobile CCTV unit. This modern and highly presentable surveillance van allows wide coverage from one static location or mobile security covering car parks, camp site and crowd areas.

With our mobile CCTV unit you will be able to provide appropriate security to ensure the safety and well-being of guests and attendees at your crowded events. Its professional and stern look leaves no doubt in visitors’ minds that your event isn’t an unruly one. You’ve got the ultimate in security and any untoward behaviour and actions are monitored at all times.

Because we supply only the best personnel with our mobile CCTV unit, you can rest assured that your event will be free from danger and will go as smoothly as you would like. Add to that the fact that our already experienced, highly trained and knowledgeable staff are constantly undergoing training schemes to even further enhance their reputation as the best available and it’s easy to see why our services really are the pinnacle of security and safety


Advantages Of The Van

  • Save money by reducing the number of security staff required thanks to a wider scope of CCTV coverage.

  • Video records available for future event planning.

  • Fast time CCTV evidence recovery if something does go wrong and footage is required by the police.

  • Ability to obtain clear images of offences being committed resulting in the appropriate action being able to be taken effectively.  

We are able to provide additional peace of mind, provide a safer environment and deter and prevent crime from occurring at your event. This mobile CCTV van is available to hire for a number of situations including music festivals, football matches, anti-ticket touting, race meetings, crime prevention in local areas and many, many more.

So if you’re looking to hire a mobile CCTV unit, please feel free to contact us today on 01803 362161, or alternatively send us a message. We’ll assess your need and propose the most effective course of action for your requirements.