Boarding Up Service

Fresh Security's Boarding service provides emergency protection to vulnerable properties 24/7, 365.

Offering a highly visible deterrent for superior security, timber boarding up screens are fully customisable to fit any access point and can be used for both short and long term security.



What Service is right for me?

If you have suffered a break-in to your business or property, with the entry point being a window or glass door, a boarding up service offers the best alternative whilst you wait for new glass to be ordered and fitted. 



Properties that are awaiting permission to be demolished would be recommended to use a boarding up service. This will act as a deterrent to squatters and deter vandalism. 


Protection from events

Additional security reasons may mean that you require a board up by one of our glazing professionals. A protest march could be passing your business, a festival near your property or a strong storm predicted to be hitting your area.

When a window is smashed or broken, it is pivotal that you receive fast emergency boarding up response to keep your property secure whilst waiting on new glass to be installed. Whether you have fell victim of a break in, vandalism or fire damage, we offer quick and efficient professional installation at a time that is convenient to you.

We use a standard OSB (Oriented Strand Board) which is glazed in the frame to either block the gap where the glass is or to protect the glass from damage. In some instances, we will need to have our glazier screw the emergency boarding into the frame directly. This however, is only usually the case when the boarding up is a permanent one.